Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What Does the MCAT Reveal About You

Next Step Test Prep has invited Accepted’s Linda Abraham to present What Does the MCAT Reveal About You? as part of its free webinar for med school applicants! Join NSTP and Accepted for the MCAT Diagnostic Test Review Session, Thursday July 9th @ 8pm EST. The MCAT review part of the webinar will be presented by Bryan Schnedeker from Next Step. Â  Bryan will review lessons learned from Next Steps free MCAT diagnostic test, and Linda will provide an overview of the MCAT’s role in the med school admissions process. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the new MCAT and the med school application process! Register today. Following the event, Next Step will raffle off two 5-packs of their full length MCAT practice tests, and attendees will also be entered into a grand prize drawing, where they’ll have a chance to win all 9 Next Step MCAT prep books, 5 practice tests, and a two hour session with Next Step’s National Director of MCAT Content. Any other questions about the med school application process? Subscribe to our blog or check out our med school consulting services!